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The 1-to-1 Marketing Model

Even in the modern digital world, a handshake is still sometimes necessary to close the deal.

This model is right when individual personal relationships are important to a company’s success…like referral-based businesses or companies with a small number of very large sales per year. Often, this model laser-targets pivotal decision makers and builds relationships to support in-person sales teams.

Pros and Cons of the 1-to-1 model
  • Pros: Individual high-value prospects can be identified and specifically targeted.
  • Cons: Less likely to scale in volume than other models; growth often comes from increasing deal size as opposed to deal volume.

Typical 1-to-1 model platforms and techniques
Each marketing model has different social marketing platforms and techniques that are appropriate. Here are a few for the 1-to-1 model:

LinkedIn is emerging as the 1-to-1 social platform for business and is especially powerful in B2B situations. It is perfect for starting and building personal relationships.

You might think of Twitter as a platform for build a large following, but direct messaging (DM) in a great 1-to-1 feature that makes Twitter valuable.

Sending out thousands of emails might seem like mass communication, but each message is to one person, so email should be thought of as a mass 1-to-1 tool.

Beyond the 1-to-1 model
The 1-to-1 model is just one of four different marketing models we help clients execute in various customized combinations. Here are the other three:


The Inbound model is right when there are lots of potential customers already looking for what you sell and you just need to help them find you during their search.
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The Viral model is the right answer when a new or existing company needs to get noticed and differentiate itself with a higher profile in a crowded market.
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The Community model is the perfect fit when a company’s customers want to interact with each other as well as with (or even instead of) the company.
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