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The Community Marketing Model

Community. In many ways, it’s the very definition of social media. But is it right (or even possible) for your business?

This model works when a company’s customers want to interact with each other as well as (or even instead of) with the company.   The focus is on encouraging those interactions to reinforce brand identity while building a tribe of evangelists to keep spreading the company’s message.

Pros and Cons of the Community model
  • Pros: Communities have the potential for very large scale combined with high sustainability.
  • Cons: Of all the models, companies have the least control over message and tone with Communities.

Typical Community model platforms and techniques
Each marketing model has different social marketing platforms and techniques that are appropriate.  Here are a few for the Community model:
Often, your customers will spontaneously start interacting with each other on your Facebook page or even starting their own dedicated page about you.
LinkedIn Groups
For B2B companies, LinkedIn Groups are a great place to lead discussions on your industry or segment. Or, start and manage your own Group.
If Facebook is right for your audience, Google+ is another network that should be considered for building a community of followers.

Beyond the Community model
The Community model is just one of four different marketing models we help clients execute in various customized combinations. Here are the other three:


The Inbound model is right when there are lots of potential customers already looking for what you sell and you just need to help them find you during their search.
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The 1-to-1 model is appropriate when personal relationships are important to a company’s success…when a handshake is necessary to close the deal.
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The Viral model is the right answer when a new or existing company needs to get noticed and differentiate itself with a higher profile in a crowded market.
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