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The Inbound Marketing Model

Inbound. SEO. SEM. It’s an attractive way to bring in customers for many businesses.

This model is right when there are lots of potential customers already looking for what you sell and you just need to make sure they find you during their search. The main focus of this model is generating high volumes of content that is interesting, SEO/SEM-friendly and that differentiates your business.

Pros and Cons of the Inbound model
  • Pros: Inbound campaigns can be systematized and very predictable for businesses where a high volume of searches exist.
  • Cons: Inbound won’t work if there is not a high volume of searches; third parties (i.e. search engines) are in control of how the model works.

Typical Inbound model platforms and techniques
Each marketing model has different social marketing platforms and techniques that are appropriate. Here are a few for the Inbound model:

Paid ads allow you to supplement organic search results and gain visibility while your organic campaign ramps up.

Your blog is the foundation of an Inbound campaign. The frequency and variety allow for a wide coverage of keywords.

As the second-most used search engine, YouTube content plays an important role in an Inbound campaign.

Beyond the Inbound model
The Inbound model is just one of four different marketing models we help clients execute in various customized combinations. Here are the other three:


The Viral model is the right answer when a new or existing company needs to get noticed and differentiate itself with a higher profile in a crowded market.
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The 1-to-1 model is appropriate when personal relationships are important to a company’s success…when a handshake is necessary to close the deal.
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The Community model is the perfect fit when a company’s customers want to interact with each other as well as with (or even instead of) the company.
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