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The Viral Marketing Model

Going Viral.  It’s a celebrated aspect of social and content marketing. But is it possible to “go viral” on purpose?  Yes it is.

The Viral model is used to increase awareness or attention in a target market.  The emphasis is on identifying industry experts and/or customers/fans who are influential and then targeting them with content designed to strike emotional chords that will encourage sharing with and among their followers.

Pros and Cons of the Community model
  • Pros: Viral campaigns have the potential of high volatility that can create large results almost instantly.
  • Cons: The high potential volatility of viral campaigns means lower predictability, limited sustainability

Typical Viral model platforms and techniques
Each marketing model has different social marketing platforms and techniques that are appropriate. Here are a few for the Viral model:
The original network for sharing among friends is still a must for any Viral strategy focused on consumers.

Twitter provides the opportunity to directly create and participate in viral content conversations.

Videos are one of the most viral of all content types and YouTube is the king of spreading the word.

Getting published on sites other than your own (with large audiences) is a valuable Viral technique.

Beyond the Viral model
The Viral model is just one of four different marketing models we help clients execute in various customized combinations. Here are the other three:


The Inbound model is right when there are lots of potential customers already looking for what you sell and you just need to help them find you during their search.
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The 1-to-1 model is appropriate when personal relationships are important to a company’s success…when a handshake is necessary to close the deal.
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The Community model is the perfect fit when a company’s customers want to interact with each other as well as with (or even instead of) the company.
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